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welcome to always, alex. ♥

Hello, lovely. I’m glad you’re here.

I like to say I’m just your average twenty-something gal pal. Including the fact that I work an 8-5 job…. which means I don’t always carve out time to sit down and craft content on here for the amazing people that stop by. However, I write about things that I feel are important, weighing on my heart, or common feelings or experiences that other young women (and others!) may share with me. I like to make other women feel less alone in their experiences… and to make people smile. On a day-to-day basis, stay up to date with me on Instagram!

So, again, I’m just your average 24-year-old gal pal. intersectional feminist. lifelong learner. extrovert. reality television addict. I write about what even a dance party or nice glass of wine can’t get out of my head. These topics may range from life, style, travel, relationships, education, personal development, wellness, and everything in between. I mean, hey, it’s my blog!

I also share some of my favorite products — clothes, shoes, beauty, skincare, good deals, and all things in between… because I love to shop & I love to share!

I’ll always stay true to myself, which is why each blog is signed the same way.

I’m always on a journey to learn more & love more about myself; I’m here to share bits of my life along the way.

a. farbie
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