Some Favorite Amazon Purchases (thus far!)

As much as I love to inspire and share deep thoughts and revelations, I also love a good deal. When I was in high school, I made $60/mo on average & thought that was a pretty great month. This, combined with my mom showing me all the good bargains, made me the frugal gal I am today. Combine that with my love of packages arriving at my front door, love for fashion & lifestyle items, and the ease of an Amazon Prime account… well, let’s just say that the delivery man is pretty familiar with stopping by my red door.

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for all my favorite finds and items I’m dying to try!

It’s Amazon Prime Days today and tomorrow, which means you’re probably doing some shopping. I thought I’d share some of my favorite amazon finds here! I’ll be updating tomorrow, too!

Prime Day Deals I’m Spying:

$114 Apple Airpods

Gorgeous White Cuisinart Knife Set

$13 Pack of 50 Hangers

Crest White Strips

Oribe Dry Texture Spray

20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

Calvin Klein Comfy Undies

$12 1-Inch Curling Iron

feed card image

Mega Pack of Makeup Brushes

2 Pack Blender Bottles

Beakey Blenders – The Beauty Blender Dupe

feed card image

Blue Light Glasses

Levi’s Tee – A Classic!

feed card image

Retractable Mac Charger – A Game Changer!

feed card image

$5 Mascara – Trust me.

7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – A Must Read!

Adidas Cloudfoam Sneakers – My absolute favorites!

Shower cap, I used for hair training!

1500 Planner Stickers

The Cutest Cooler/Lunch Bag

Carry-on luggage – my ride or die bag!

Straw fedora – Perfect for summer months!

Felt fedora – Perfect for fall and winter months!

feed card image

Microfiber Towel – My travel go-to!

$13 Vintage Glam Cat Eye Sunglasses

By shopping my links, a small portion of the cost you pay supports my efforts of creating content!

3 thoughts on “Some Favorite Amazon Purchases (thus far!)

  1. Love the Adidas Cloudfoam shoes.


  2. Feel like shopping now!! Have never purchased from Amazon but will check it out 🤩 thanks for sharing x


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