Small Biz, Baby! 2020 Gift Guide

In a year like 2020, we need to give lots of love and put our money where our heart is! My parents have owned a single screen (old-school) movie theatre since before I was born in my small hometown of about 1300 people. My first job was serving concessions at the Strand at age 12. I have seen first hand all the things that happen beyond the scenes to make a dream come true and to serve others.

I could easily share a gift guide this year to websites I can link and make a commission — big retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, DSW, etc. It would be nice to make some money back from sharing those links and spend that towards gifts for my loved ones. But if there’s anything that 2020 has taught me it’s that I need to speak up for what I believe in both actions and words!

Let’s Start Local

Wherever you live, you have local favorites! Grab a gift card to your favorite movie theatre, coffee shop, salon, spa, gym, hobby shop, or photography business. Include a personal note about your favorite movie/drink/service and why you gave the person this gift. Be thoughtful and personal!

Small Biz Entrepreneurs

I absolutely love entrepreneurs— people who are passionate and dedicated to their craft every single day! Here’s a few of my favorites:

Custom Nails by Jeanette • Jeanette custom makes press on nails (that I wear constantly!) in her shop in Sioux Falls. You are definitely supporting a dream when you shop with her! It’s the perfect gift for gals (or yourself!) Check out her Black Friday Deals!

My latest set of nails by Jeanette!

Zen Ring Co. • Ryann is a silversmith in Utah and she’s killing the entrepreneur game at a young age! I recently got 2 rings from her and I LOVE them! Use code ‘Farbie15’ for 15% off the rings on her website!

Pretty Paper and Co. • Kelsey is one of my FAVORITE follows on Insta. Everything she creates is SO beautiful and her aesthetic brings my chaotic soul peace. She sells gorgeous prints (I have one in my home!) and other goodies. These prints would make an awesome home decor gift for family, in-laws, friends, etc.

Evy and Co. • Jess makes the cutest headbands and accessories for gals and little ones! I LOVE my headbands and scrunchies from her shop. They are great quality and so cute! Definitely a great gift — check out her etsy shop!

Wander Hat Co. • I have been obsessed with this brand since I first discovered them on Instagram! These hats are gorgeous and there is so much heart behind what they do and the products they share. Check them out on Insta!

Clothing Boutiques

There are some amazing boutiques that I follow on instagram!

Filly Flair • As you may or may not know, I work at Filly Flair part time, creating digital and social media content! It’s a great gig AND they have great deals and awesome fashion finds that you’ll want to add to your closet ASAP. Be sure to follow along on social media to get the best deals this holiday season! [If you’ve never ordered before, you can use code RGGNREF for 25% off ANY TIME!] There are awesome items to gift others — blankets, phone accessories, earrings, scarves…. and of course, clothes!

Hers & Mine Boutique • One of my best friends from college, Kailey, and her best friend started a boutique together and it has some super cute items! This is definitely a great place to shop for you and your gals.

Lily Wind • Another college friend, Kenna, just launched her boutique. She has some really cute items and is living her dream through Lily Wind! Check out her boutique for your gifting and shopping.

Rozie June • Rozie June is not just a clothing store: it’s a community by women, for women… encouraging women to radically love and empower themselves. I love their heart & mission. They have awesome tees and accessories that are GREAT to gift!

Etsy Finds

When I can’t quite find the item I’m looking for at a local shop, I look to Etsy! I won’t say what I’ve purchased (just in case my family views this post) but here’s a few of my favorite shops I’ve found lately!

ByTarynShop • Stickers

BrookStacks • Custom Charcuterie Board

VelvetArtsandCrafts • Custom Tumblers

KathrynRiechert • Stacked Name Rings

KeepsakesByK • Acrylic Music Album Cover

Joyful Moose • Custom Cutting Board

SoGoodSoWood • Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

There are so many amazing entrepreneurs and small businesses who need our love this year and this holiday season.

Spread love & good vibes…. not germs!

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